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Hi people looking at my blog. I'm nic. Nice to meet you.

I'm a gay ucr student. For those wondering if I'm filipino or not, my parents grew up in Guam and I was raised in California.

My interests include avatar the last airbender, korra, legend of zelda, fire emblem, etc.

Message me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy my blog. :)
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“Mom, Dad, I’m gay.”
“Ok… so do you want pizza for dinner or just McDonalds?” 

“Gay. Yeah.”
“You knew?”
“I ship you and your best friend.”
“I ship it.”
“Well…We’re dating. Is it fine?”
“Does he like reading?”
“Yeah. He read all those old books you liked when you were a kid. You know that series about those Greek god kids and wizards and that boy who bakes a lot and that-“
“You have my permission to marry him. Now let’s go to Disneyland.” 


I ship it.
I ship it

“Mom, Mom, I’m gay.”

“We have taught you well.”

Imagine Harry Potter’s son trying to tell him he’s gay.

“Dad, I.. I think I’m gay.”

“Albus Severus Potter, you were named after two headmasters-“

“Oh God. Dad, I’ve already heard this. I know how this ends.”

“One of them was gay and-“

“For the love of all that is magic, I get it!”

“He was one of the bravest gay wizards I’ve ever known. Brave, but gay.”

“Please stop.”




this ^
oh my god, I love tumblr 

tumblr loves gays more than gays love gays. 

the comments though

“Mom, I lost my virginity.”

“Were you safe, son?”

“Yeah. I made him wear a condom.”

“Well, as long as you were safe about it. Congrats on the sex, honey. Let me go get the cake.”

“Mom, I had sex with a guy.”

“So did I. That’s how you got here. But, you don’t see making a big deal about it. Now, what flavor do you want the cake?”

this post is so beautiful

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