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Hi people looking at my blog. I'm nic. Nice to meet you.

I'm a gay ucr student. For those wondering if I'm filipino or not, my parents grew up in Guam and I was raised in California.

My interests include avatar the last airbender, korra, legend of zelda, fire emblem, etc.

Message me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy my blog. :)
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When girls get compliments

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fanfiction is nice until you’re threatened with being a character in it

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when people you dont like start hitting on you


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why not ride it and play pokemon???

why not ride it and play pokemon???

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all day

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-Me when I clean-
*Moans* Oooohhh…my counter tops feel so smooth…

I got to meet this little lovely earlier today. It was so nice to finally meet him, and I hope I can hang out with him again soon. :3